Sunday, February 3, 2008

There's No Need To Fear...

Underdog is here!!!

I just finished watching the Superbowl. Now normally I am only there to see ridiculous commercials and eat food. But since the game proved to be interesting at the onset, I decided to watch the game. I suppose like most, I was waiting for the 18-0 Patriots to come out at any minute and smash the underdog Giants to bits.

Well, each quarter ticked by and the points were strangely not adding up for the undefeated Patriots. By the fourth quarter, this game was really getting exciting. Near the end, I saw several plays come about that signaled to me a winner, of players that really wanted to score and win a championship. The Giants quarterback dodging the enemies out to tackle him to throw an unlikely and dangerous pass. And the receiver on the other end who struggled to get the ball, catching it on his helmet of all things and falling to the ground, but keeping the ball firmly in his grasp. After that play, I knew I was watching a winning team. And these underdogs carried it all the way to a major upset to win the game and the championship.

Wow. What an inspiring thing to see. And so needed when things are not looking right and the odds are long. Like in a writer's life. When it seems everyone is scoring big and making the goals of publishing and you are still stuck in the backfield, trying to make plays, points, and win. The enemies of doubt are trying to tackle you. No one is catching your passes of proposals. You really feel like the underdog in the writing game and no one expects you to come out on top.

Well, guess what? Underdogs can be champs. Underdogs can be winners. Underdogs can save the day. And your day is coming, if you don't give up. So hang in there and keep making the big plays with your writing. Write. Perfect your craft. Send proposals. Keep writing. Wait for scores. And win big with the gift God has given you.

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