Monday, February 18, 2008

His Way...not our way

I had posted this story on another blog in the comment section but wanted to share this story with you. I think it quite apropos as writers when we are trying to find out why God closes doors, only to reveal another door at another time. And to see that He really has the big picture in all of this, and we can trust Him with our lives.

My husband and I were planning to go out last Wednesday for our pre Valentine dinner date. I had done the usually fanfare of getting ready for a nice time. Just before we headed out the door, I developed an awful stomach pain. I don’t know why it came on so suddenly. I prayed and went out anyway, hoping it would go away. We got to the restaurant and the pain persisted. I placed my order, still hoping God would hear my prayer and take care of it. Well, it only became more bothersome. Finally, I told the waitress to cancel the order and asked my husband if we could go home. We arrived home to see my son leave for practice in a play he is in (of which I prayed as he took off down the driveway). With my stomach still bothering me, I was angry, wondering why God had not answered my prayer and healed this? I got all dolled up for nothing. And no dinner in a nice restaurant.
Fifteen minutes later, my son called to say he had been in an accident with the car. We rushed to the scene. He was okay, praise God, but the police were involved as he had knocked over a road sign after having a sneezing fit. The only thing is, we would not have known anything about this accident if we had continued at the restaurant (as my husband had not brought his cell phone in with him). With my son only 17 and having his license a mere three weeks, this was very traumatic for all of us.
But I could only thank God that night for my stomach pain so I could be there to help my son. God has His ways which are much higher than our ways. So it is with everything in our lives, even our writing. His timing and His ways, even His answers to prayer, are perfect.

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