Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is This Procrastination?

Shall I say...Procrastination??? I am setting up a blog.

Yes, I am supposed to be working on two proposals for two major series of books, yet here I am creating a new writing blog. I suppose that really isn't a waste of time, as I needed to create one for my writing ministry (I already have a hiking blog that details my last year's accomplishment of finishing the whole Appalachian Trail). I mean, it's good for my craft. My books are already out there with more to come. But I do wonder sometimes why it can be so difficult to return to that writing project and set one's mind to it. Why one suffers from procrastination and how to overcome it.

Sometimes I wrestle with fear. Wondering if the ideas will come to create a good story. Wondering if it will be any good. Setting myself down to begin typing. I find that if I begin to do a task, it gets much easier as I go along. And I find I cannot be interrupted in that task either or I will not go back to it. Case in point. Last night I directed myself to sit at my computer and finish this chapter for a proposal. I set my mnd to do it. Reprogrammed it, I guess. When I got done with a particular scene, I so wanted to dash out of my office and to my dark chocolate M&Ms hidden away in the pantry. But no, I knew if I did that, I likely would not return to the chapter. So I continued to plug away at it until it was done. Sealed and signed. End of Chapter One.

Oh, what a sense of accomplishment when that chapter was completed. No, it has not been checked for the multitude of spelling errors and such, but the words are written. The ideas are down in a file on my computer. For me, it is an accomplishment. I feel a sense of short-lived relief, honestly.

But today is a new day in a writer's life. I awoke this AM with new enthusiasm to work on the proposal. And here I am, creating a blog instead. It's that fight once more to sit down and begin writing.

So will I do the next chaper today? I hope so. But time for another M&M run.


Debra said...

Am I bad? The first thing that caught my eye was the M&M's. Drooling over here. hehehe Not really.
I like your blog. And yes, there are times we SHOULD be working on our stories, but I really believe sometimes doing other things, such as creating a blog, helps clear our minds and sometimes give us those missing pieces to our stories. So, I say, go for it. Unless, of course, you want to wait until tomorrow. ~wink wink~
Have a great day~
Debra Ullrick

Robin Bayne said...

Yes I like the candy too! LOL
I will add your blog to my blog roll : )