Monday, February 25, 2008

Overcoming the Barrier

Barriers always seem to bar our way. A mountain. A wall. A river. Or in the natural. Sickness. Financial burden. Or for the writer, writer's block. Family obligations. Or just not being able to sell your work. And then there are spiritual barriers as well.
I never considered all the many barriers that might be preventing things from happening. Until a good friend of mine called me out of the blue last week. She said she had been thinking about me and specifically wanted to pray that God would tear down barriers. I thought - wow, what a powerful thing to do!And to think that God put it on the heart of this dear friend to call me up and pray for it!
And so we did. She began by asking questions about my family and what we have been going through. At first, I wondered why I needed to sort out all these things in my life. Until I realized that, yes, God knows the burdens, the barriers, and wanted me to have them addressed in prayer. That in our day to day living, we can brush aside or even forget what is hindering us most. The barriers that stand in our way, spiritually, emotionally, physically. And that God deeply desires to have the barriers removed and experience all He has in store for us.
So it was an important time to get real with this friend and with God and say, yes, I need prayer to overcome barriers. That by my God, I can leap over a wall. And then relish the wonderful freedom and blessing it brings.

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