Monday, March 31, 2008

The Garden of a Book

It's raining today. A sure sign of spring.

I spent time last week planting and glad I did when I had the opportunity. First I cleaned out the beds of old rotten leaves and shriveled-up vines. My husband then cultivated the soil that had grown rock hard over the autumn and winter seasons, adding fertilizer and other nutrients. Then with my hands in the soft soil, I began planting away. Vegetables first, including lettuce and broccoli seedlings. Sometimes the lettuce was so delicate, I was afraid I might break it. Then I moved to the flower beds and bulbs I had ordered in the mail. I planted them according to the directions, some of which depended on what kind of bulb I had. Then I watered all my gardens.
But today, God is providing His own rain from the clouds. And He, too, will provide the growth.
One plants. The other waters. God causes the growth.
So it is as well with our writing. Maybe you have a manuscript that has become rather dried up and hard by inactivity and now sorely in need of cultivating. Or you have the seeds of a book in mind, maybe even in its seedling stages, that is becoming root bound unless it is planted in the fertile soil of your creativity and talent the Lord has given you. Maybe you are like me right ow - having planted and watered many different proposals to prospective editors, I am now waiting on God to cause the growth. Whatever stage you are in, it is important to be faithful. Whether a big project or small, whether in cultivating, planting or simply waiting to bear fruit, God expects us to use our writing talent for His glory.
So now I watch the rain fall and think about my plants growing while waiting expectantly for a bountiful harvest in the end.

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Delia said...

"God causes the growth. So it is as well with our writing."

I love this. God does cause the growth in our writing if we let Him.

He gave us the seed and if we plant it the way He wants us to, He will cause it to grow.

Sometimes I forget that and try to rush ahead. Or I get discouraged and forget that I have to allow my writing to grow in God's time and His way instead of my own.

Thanks for the reminder.