Sunday, March 9, 2008


Ye ol' toothache. Actually, my tooth hasn’t been too bad, thanks to many people who have been praying for it. But let's just say I have let this molar of mine go for a long while now. It all began with a few symptoms last year. I have been using sensitive toothpaste on it and managed to control the symptoms for a while, even while I was hiking last year.

Then a few days ago my tooth took a turn after trying to eat some hot food for dinner. The pain shot into my cheek and remained for quite some time. Now it seems better, but I know I have put off the inevitable. I need to get the tooth checked.

So...what have you been putting off in the writing arena? Maybe it's a writing project that you began last year. You have decided, well, it's not doing anything. I’m just going to leave it alone. But now it's 2008. Maybe it's time to take out that work, refresh it by some "drilling" and a new filling of content to make it shiny and new. And get it out in a proposal to editors. Because our writing doesn’t do anything sitting in a computer file. It begins to even decay with time as we fill our lives with other ideas. So, see if there is some work you can pull out and give it new life. And maybe that work will be the one that bites on a brand new shiny nickel…er...contract for this year!

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