Monday, April 21, 2008

Crazy, Crazy

I feel like a mass of roads going everywhere.

It is an extremely busy time of year right now and it isn't even Christmas. (!) Probably a good thing I don't have any book contracts in hand (never thought I would say that one!). I am preparing to give a talk about my Appalachian Trail hike this Thursday, so I need to arrange pictures, have hand-outs ready, bake cookies, and have books on hand for those interested in buying. I am working on details for my son's huge home school graduation (and since we are the school, we do it all, from the ceremony itself to the reception) that will take place in two and a half weeks. I have a vegetable garden that will need tending and planting. I am trying to get a mystery proposal wrapped up for an editor that expressed interest. I need to complete an article for a contest by May 1st. Plus there is the usual writer maintenance of blogs, Shout Life, and keeping track of e-mails. Busy, busy. Crazy, crazy. I am glad for lists. And my life verse at times like this. I (really) can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

Do you have a life verse that helps you in times of need? Feel free to share it and how it has ministered to you in your life's situations.

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The Koala Bear Writer said...

That's so neat you're doing a homeschool grad. I was among the first 8 homeschoolers in my area to graduate, and we planned a bit of a celebration. Since there were 8 of us, we could all share in the planning, and held it at the local church. It was a blast.

Phil 4:13 is one of my favourite verses too. :)