Monday, May 19, 2008

A Timely Word of Encouragement

Boy, don't we need encouragement, especially in this lonely arena of writing, and especially when nothing seems to be happening. I have been asking God about my writing lately, and really, about my life as I am transitioning from being a home school teacher for upwards of 13 years to my new place now.

Yesterday in church, a friend gave me a few slips of paper. She said she had been praying for me and felt these were words that God wanted to share with me. I unfolded the papers to read such wonderful words of encouragement. She wrote that God was well aware of my transitional phase, but He is doing new things, things I could have never done in the past because of teaching my son. Especially (and this was noted) in the area of writing. Now I don't know specifically what that will entail, as God has not yet open the doors. But with these words, I am now looking to charge into a few new areas of writing and seeing where it leads me. Reviving some old manuscripts and old ideas that have been lying in wait for a very long time. I know I have a true Friend and Advocate who is interested in me and will be with me every step of the way. And that is true and everlasting encouragement

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Joanna Mallory said...

Congratulations to a diligent homeschooling Mom! The LORD bless and guide you in this transition time, and bring you out into new and abundant opportunities. He's so good, to send the encouragement when we need it.