Monday, June 9, 2008

Blazing Hot

Well, it is blazing hot in Virginia which is not atypical for the month of June, but it is certainly an eye opener as well that summer is here, and with a bang. The change of season always amazes me. How perfect it is and in step too with the months. Cold wintry days in in January. Pleasant spring breezes in April. Crisp cool days of color on October. And now hazy, hot and humid. We can count on it all happening in a perfect rhythm, just like the rising and setting of sun, because God is in control of it all.

So, too, we can count on God that He is also in full control of the seasons of our lives. The changes that can come. Maybe cold here. Hot there. But His timing is perfect, and each season is filled with its own special fruits. Maybe right now you are like me - in the blazing heat with your writing that appears to be wilting and drying up as you await an open door. But take heart. A new season is approaching, and it will not delay. The rains will fall, the tide will change, the weather will cool. And the doors will open at the most perfect time.
Next week I am on vacation at the beach, so I will not be blogging. See you on June 23rd!
God speed.

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