Monday, June 23, 2008

Storms, Ghost Towns, and Writing...

Greetings. We are back from a week's stay down on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. On one of our days, we took a pilgrimage to a lone "ghost" village at Cape Lookout National Seashore called Portsmouth Village. I came here to do some research for a book series focusing on the history of the Outer Banks. Portsmouth Village used to be a booming place in the 1800's for ships carrying goods to the US mainland. Then lo and behold, a new inlet formed from a hurricane and the fishing / shipping rights moved to Hatteras Island. Portsmouth Village slowly died away. It just goes to show what hurricanes can do to change people's livelihood, not just by its destructive power in wrecking houses, but how it can change the landscape itself. In fact, we were a part of that change on Portsmouth, awaiting our boat ride back to Ocracoke Island. Boats can no longer used the principal dock near the tidal basin (which we were unaware of) but now must use a new inlet a hurricane carved two years ago out of the sandy shore. When we discovered that fact we had missed our ride, as the dock is over a mile away from the departure area. Thankfully the ship's captain did come back for us, so we did not have to make an unplanned overnight stay in this ghost town! But it did make for an interesting adventure.

So, too, storms may do destruction in your life as a writer. You may find that the places, the books, the things you once did as a writer no longer exist or are no longer profitable. But be of good cheer, for God certainly has formed a new resting place, and new inlet if you will, for you to use and to lay anchor. The old passes away, but behold, the new will come.

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Christine Duncan said...

Hi Lauralee,
I can certainly identify with your remark about how sometimes things don't work as a writer anymore.
I have that new blog going and we did a summer beachread thing(blogs are new to me) and I wanted you to know since we mentioned your book in tomorrow's post (Sat) on Christian reads.
christine Duncan