Monday, July 21, 2008

Contemplations and Dreams

I had a very interesting dream last night. As you may have detected from previous posts, I have submitted lots of ideas for books but have not had any bites yet for publishing houses. Well, last night I had a great dream in that I received two contracts for books. How did I find out about them? I discovered them on a web site, actually, where several of my books were slated to be released in the future. I knew they were on the horizon, but the editor had yet to formally give me a contract on them.

Those are great dreams to hold on to, especially when little is happening in the publishing world. The dreams give hope to stay the course. But I did have a bit of good news - the editor at Blue Ridge Outdoors wishes to use an incident with my family hiking in one of his articles in September. While it is not a paying article for me, it gives exposure for my hiking escapades and a boost for the non fiction book I am writing concerning my trail adventure last year. Anything to pump up the resume for the book is good.

So there are little signs that God is still in control of this career of mine. It is all in His timing.

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