Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Call to Write

Ah, writing. A calling. A ministry. A passion. These are all things I was desperate to learn when I arrived at the Write His Answer conference held in Philadelphia. There is something to be said about hearing passionate speakers speak about the craft of writing, to have scripture shared that pertains to writing, to sit and share with other writers as we each learn the craft of writing (in my case, at the non fiction clinic), to put aside nerves, trust God and speak boldly to editors about the projects on your heart.

It was the the push I needed to raise myself out of the doldrums. To know without a doubt that God has called me to write, and to write what He gives me. To trust Him with the timing of publication, but to do the work of writing. Once I recall hearing a message by Billy Graham at a conference long ago in the 1980's about "doing the work of an evangelist." Well, we are called to do the work of a writer. To learn. To listen. To apply. To then sit down and write. And that is what I received from the conference, a building up of my most holy faith to go forward in this difficult road of writing and see where it leads me. To be faithful in my calling and trust the outcome to God's capable hands.

And on that note...I have some good news to share.

I sold a novella to Barbour Publishing - a Civil war novella that will be set in Fredericksburg, Virginia around Christmas. More on that in another post...

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