Monday, August 4, 2008

Conference Time~!

This week I am heading for a conference in Philadelphia called Write His Answer. I had gone to the conference many years ago when I was a new writer, looking for help in the area of fiction. Now I go looking for help in a new area, that is, with non fiction as I seek to write a book about my experiences on the Appalachian Trail. Since there is a special non fiction clinic offered at the conference this year, plus editors of publishing houses looking to buy, I thought this a great opportunity to go. Writing conferences are a super way to jump start your writing goals and career. Especially if it is in the wilderness / dry area as mine seems to be. Under links I have posted a site that outlines some of the upcoming conferences. Be sure to check them out and try to attend just one this year if you can. You will not regret it, and it may be the nourishment you need to make that crucial sale.

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