Monday, September 22, 2008

I Have No Idea What to Write...

I have no idea what to write today on my blog. This is what is running through my mind as I sit here.

Usually I've had some momentous writing experience to detail in my blog for the week. Instead I spent time recounting some interesting experiences on my hike this past weekend, which I detail in my hiking blog. Perhaps that is to be my spiritual gauge for this week. The importance of blogs. Writing blogs. Blogs of every shape and size. Blogs that deal with your interests. Blogs that help you with your writing, whether they be one of inspirational content, a blog of personal interests, or a blog reviewing books and even other blogs. But they have one thing in common. They help you with your writing technique, exercising your gift, if you will, as you chronicle your journey and bring your thoughts into focus. I know many have advocated the idea of journaling as a way for writers to exercise their craft. Blogging makes that journaling come to life via the Internet - providing a place of unique publication where others can share in your words.

For me as a fiction author, it's not just writing novels, but also bringing my inner thoughts to life. To work on creating that nonfiction aspect of my career as well. Blogging has helped me do just that. From the online journal I kept when I hiked the Appalachian Trail last year with my son (and is now useful for creating my nonfiction book about the journey), to my current hiking blog that details trail experiences or even thoughts leading up to a 30 year dream come true (like the hike last year), to this blog chronicling writing ideas, they all serve an important purpose for me as a writer and you as the reader. And they are an important avenue of my writing ministry.

Hey, guess what? I found something to write about after all!

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