Monday, November 10, 2008

The Effective Prayer...

If there is one thing I have learned over the course of the last week, that is the effective prayer of a righteous man...which the Bible says avails much.

Sometimes the prayer comes not in the way we think it should. But God's promise is that it will avail much if we are in a right standing with Him. That He hears and He answers. I had much to pray for this past week. For family issues, for our nation, for upcoming books and how to manage my time. For appliances and cars that are on the fritz. For so many things it seems to boggle the mind. But God it is not mind boggled by it. It is not above what He can and will handle if we surrender it to Him.

But the most important thing is to yield when prayer comes forth. And to accept help in prayer in times of need. I have been so blessed in recent days by the body of Christ - sisters in the Lord, coming forward to intercede along with me for these needs in my life. To take the time to pray in a car or on the phone or online. Wow, what a powerful thing that can be. To intercede on the behalf of others. To call to mind the needs of those above your own. Yes, I have been inundated it seems with a multitude of prayer requests. But I witnessed the love of others who come alongside to join in that intercession. To pray until answers are given. To stand firm, holding up my arms, if you will, doing battle in the heavenlies. How beautiful it is when brethren dwell together in unity. But especially in the unity of prayer. It cannot help but availeth much in these times that try men's souls.

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