Monday, December 15, 2008

I Never Thought I Would Write This...

How I wanted to share with you a joy over the past week - I heard back from several editors for books and now have several contracts and books to write.

But at the same time I grieve a tremendous loss tonight - our beagle Lady. She was still fairly young (though no one was exactly sure of her age when we got her) but for some reason began to develop multiple health problems all at once. Last week I took her for back issues and suddenly she deteriorated to the point she could no longer eat because of megaesophogus, and had double pneumonia because of aspirating food. Along with this she had urinary issues, a mitral valve murmer leading to congestive heart problems, and a herniated disk with hip issues.
So it was with great pain we decided to put her to sleep this night.
Lady loved to walk and sniff out rabbits around the yard. And yes, she even enjoyed interesting trips like in the canoe or going to the beach house with us this past summer. She would sit at our feet and look up lovingly with her dark pretty eyes. She loved cuddling up, even nosing my hubby's hand, insisting that he pet her. She would love to come upstairs and investigate our kitchen floor for any yummy morsels. And she loved being outdoors and taking long walks around the neighborhood. She even visited my son and I when we went on our big hike in '07 on the Appalachian Trail. She had the greatest temperament, sweet and easy going, and took everything with the ease of a grand lady, including preferring her bedding be aired out and changed.
Lady was a sweetie, my sweetheart love, and we will miss her greatly. But we are so glad for the years we had with her.

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