Monday, January 19, 2009

Change is on the Horizon...

Change seems to be the word these days. We are hearing it everywhere, especially on the advent of an inauguration where we will see the first African American accept the oath of office as president of the United States. That is indeed a welcome change in a nation that has been plagued by racial tension for generations.

But one must also consider this blanket idea of "change." The idea of "Yes, we can." Words that brought Mr. Obama to the most important office on earth. But is the idea of "change" enough? Or should we look at what kind of change we are talking about? Is this change for good? Is it change for bad and man's selfish desires? Most importantly, will this change further the kingdom of God and His reign? All questions Christians need to be thinking and praying about at this crucial time, especially as we head into this vast unknown with one who has used the word "change" to bring about his elected status.

Change can be good, if it is change that brings about God's purposes and His righteousness here and abroad. If it brings forth reconciliation, forgiveness, salvation and life. If it says - Yes, God can. By ourselves, we are nothing.
Anything less and we will soon be wishing that "change" never came....

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