Monday, January 5, 2009

Having a Vision for 2009 and Beyond

I heard a wonderful sermon this past Sunday from our associate pastor about the need for a vision. And what better time to bring to mind this kind of word than in a brand new year, 2009. We need a vision to help guide and direct our path. One that through much prayer and the reading of God's word becomes defined in our lives and ultimately is the goal we look to attain. For without a vision, we perish.
So what is your vision for 2009? Surely as writers, we hope to have a vision for our writing ministry. Maybe to write that book proposal, or finish a book, or submit a work. I have several books to be written this year, so without a doubt my vision is to see that these books are the best I can make them, through careful research, writing, and God's guidance. But I also need a vision for future endeavors. I would like to do more hiking. I would like to see the dreams and aspirations of my family come to pass. But I will say that for the most part, a long term vision seem a bit murky right now. I must look out beyond this year to see what may lie ahead for me. To know that though I have accomplished many things, God still has a big plans in the works. And step by step, staying close to Him, they will be revealed.
So stay tuned as my vision is made clearer.

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