Monday, February 23, 2009

This Way or That...

You are at the crossroad of indecision. There are many avenues to choose. One way. The other way. Or as the scarecrow says in The Wizard of Oz, "Of course some people go both ways!"
So which way do you go?
I am one who looks for signs. Here is a sign I saw while on my hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2007 (I am soon celebrating the two year anniversary of our life changing hike). There were storm clouds rolling across the sky and a sixteen mile hike to safety loomed before my son and I. We had never hiked such a distance. Could we do it? Should we do it? I felt the weight of indecision. It can come like a boulder resting heavy upon your shoulders. The burden of indecision.
But there is an avenue out of indecision. Signs and wonders that can come through inquiry. I inquired of God what to do. I came upon this overlook on the trail and saw this image of the sun casting a ray of light in the exact direction of the town we were hoping to get to. Sign number one. But then we were offered another sign, by a veteran hiker of the trail - Warren Doyle, whom we stumbled upon at a turn. I told him my predicament and uneasiness in hiking 16 miles over unknown ground. And he assured me we could easily do the 16 miles to the next gap and pick up a shuttle to town.
So we received not one but two signs. Both visual and verbal. And we hastened to the gap and our ride, arriving in time to the motel before the skies opened and temperatures fell into the single digits. A safe and warm haven, indeed.
Perhaps you are in a time of indecision in your life or with your writing. Never fear, help is on the way. It could be in the form of a visual sign. A word of encouragement from the Bible or from a friend. Or that still, small voice in our spirit that begs us to trust. In whatever sign you see, let it be your guiding light. And follow.

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