Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Tribute of a Dear Fan of my Books...

For the next ten days I will leave this blog up - a tribute to the loss of a beloved fan of my books.

As a writer I tended to take my readers for granted. Those that have read my books and who have sought to talk to me about them. This week I lost a dear reader who deeply loved my work, and I suddenly found myself thinking about my readers.

Cindy enjoyed reading every single title I had. Over the last few months before she passed away suddenly, we were in contact through Facebook and enjoyed communicating with each other.

When I put up on my Facebook page a few photos from a fall hike I took (including the one seen here), here was Cindy's response to the collection -

"These pics are just like your books --=-- they take me on adventures that I cannot go myself! Thanks for sharing them!"

I am deeply grateful for all those who have enjoyed my work and have sent letters and e-mails of encouragement. They have spurred me on to continue in this challenging road of writing and publishing. There are times I found the road difficult. At times hard to press on. But it is fans like dear Cindy that have kept me on the straight and narrow and have allowed me to go places with my writing I never thought I would go. I will greatly miss her encouragement and enthusiasm.

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