Monday, April 27, 2009

Bad Heat Wave in Life? Try God.....

A surprise heat wave in life got you down? I can relate. We've been in the depth of a surprise heat wave this April- the third straight day here with temperatures in the 90's when it should be 70. I don't do too well when the sun is so hot, as it kind of wrecks havoc with my system. It means that my body has to change its metabolism, which can throw it off balance. And that can lead to stress and strain and an occasional emotional outburst or two. But then things get back on track and one can endure the sun better, even if it glows red.

Ever had that happen with your work? Or life in general? You're going along, and suddenly it feels like you are in a pressure cooker, melting under the intense heat of a deadline or a trial. It can make you feel like the broiler has been set and you are cooking way too fast. Things are beginning to smoke and even burn. And you can't help but let off steam in the process, maybe by way of a bad thought or word or deed.

This is when we must find time for God and be in fellowship with Him. To allow Him to cool us off, so to speak. To let His words and thoughts about us refresh our spirits and energize us to forge ahead, even if the going is hot. I just completed an illustration of this in my current WIP (work in progress) where my hero is likewise finding it hot going in the pressures of life, doing what he wants in Moab, Utah. He asks to see the reality of God in his life. And what happens? A friend buys hm a slushie to refresh him on a hot day. Another comes to visit. A third give him words of encouragement about his life. His prayer is being answered, and now he isn't feeling the heat but feeling the love of God who cares about him.

I believe that's what God wants for us, even in the middle of a surprise heat wave in life. His refreshing by way of the wind of His spirit. So settle down in a favorite place and let Him breathe into your soul today.

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Robin Bayne said...

That's exactly how I feel. Good post.