Monday, May 11, 2009

Bad Book Postures

I've been doing some reading lately. As a writer, I find it helpful to look over other works and see what other authors are doing. And after a few books, I have found that they start off quick and energetic, with interesting characters and plot. But by the middle of the book, the story starts to sag. The energy level is gone. The characters have no spark left but just seem to be existing day by day as if they themselves are bored of the storyline (and thus, I am too). And then as the book goes on, by the ending chapters, the energy is back again to reach that satisfying conclusion.
So what to do about the sagging middle? I realize sometimes it's like we as writers just want to make it through the book so we can get to our victorious conclusion. The hero wins. The guy gets the girl. Evil is overcome. Or whatever the case may be. But to get there, we must keep the energy level high throughout the book. To write a story that will keep readers turning the pages so they do make it to that great end. So I will begin from now on to analyze my own work better, especially that forgotten middle section. I don't want to see the characters lose their zing or the plot to drag. Keep the story flowing. Perhaps add in an extra twist in the plot by a minor subplot. To not get bogged down with the day to day living that can really be a drag. To put in new and quirky things with the characters to keep readers entertained. To make it an interesting work through and through. To make the story stand upright all the way to the end.
Get rid of bad posture in your book. Keep it fresh and the writing lively from page one on.

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