Monday, May 4, 2009

The Balancing Act...

Life is definitely a balancing act these days...and many times I feel like these feet, walking a tightrope, hoping I don't fall off as I try to juggle everything at once. It seems these days we find ourselves under a lot of pressure. I find myself more and more needing to care for those around me. Not only my immediate family here of husband and son, but others like my parents who are elderly and live far away. My mother requires much needed care, and my father, as the chief caregiver, needs a break now and then. So I felt I needed to rearrange my schedule of home and my life as a writer to meet the needs of traveling a long trip and help out. I've made a commitment to them to go at least every 4-6 weeks...we'll see what happens. But it is quite a balancing act to make certain I'm doing what I feel I need to do while fulfilling my responsibilities here in my home and with my due dates to my books and my editors. So much to do and so little time.

And so that balancing act requires organization. I do have some of that skill, but it can always be refined. To make the most of my time and not waste it (which can be tempting). To take the time to accomplish what I need but to make time for God and that time of refreshment. Not to crowd Him out of my life of going, going, gone. That may be the the toughest balancing act of all, but the most important. So it is one step at a time on the tightrope. But I gain satisfaction knowing I am not alone in this walk. As a dear friend had on her Bible cover the other day - the Footprints in the Sand poem - where there is one set of footprints, it is there that God carries us. If we allow Him to carry us, that is, in this journey of balancing priorities and commitments. Of doing all we can do with the time given and allowing Him to work and will in us for His good pleasure.

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