Monday, May 18, 2009

The Book of Love

It's interesting to see how love is created in life and how as a romance writer, I can reflect that kind of love in my books. Today I spend time in reflection of an engagement as twenty years ago, my husband called me up at work for our first date and later that next night, on May 18th, 1989, asked for my hand in marriage. We had not done the typical thing of shopping around with lots of dates and kissing to see if we were compatible. Ours was a simple story of waiting on God Who knew us both very well and Who would bring us together after seeking the godly counsel of the elders in our church. We then sought each other at a dinner one night and there committed our lives to one another. And here we are, twenty years later, still enjoying that same love God birthed long ago.

It is that kind of love I seek to write about in in my books. When my characters are giving loving glances, embracing and kissing, they are doing it as part of a lifelong commitment. They are not shopping around looking for the prize. They are waiting on God for Him to bring that perfect person into their lives. And so I like to portray godly romance in my stories. And reflect His idea of love and marriage in my books. After all, God designed it. He ordained it. He wants love to come to pass in His perfect timing. And He wants me as a writer to put such commitment into perfect words that speak of a lifelong love that never fades with the passage of time.

So here's to twenty years of marital bliss. And many more to come.


Lillie Ammann said...


Congratulations on 20 years of shared love in the Lord. And thanks for writing about that kind of love in your books.

Laura Frantz said...

Wonderful post, Lauralee. Bless you for taking time to share here. It's a blessing!