Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TODAY! New Civil War release!

I am pleased to announce the release today of "A Blue and Gray Christmas" with three other terrific authors. This collection of four novellas is a bit bittersweet for me as I was not originally part of this four-person team that conceived the idea. The fourth dear author, Kristy Dykes, developed terminal brain cancer and was unable to write her novella. Thus I was asked if I might step in and take her place, which I did. From that moment I desired to write a story that exemplified the importance of covenant in an engagement and marriage, no matter how tough things become in a relationship. And so my novella, Till Death Do Us Part I dedicated to Kristy Dykes who lived and breathed a covenant relationship with her husband and her Lord and Savior. I hope you enjoy this set of stories that takes place during a difficult time in a our nation's history.

Summary of my novella

As the sound of distant cannon nears her hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Leah Woods is determined to focus on her upcoming nuptials with Seth Madison. But when Seth disappears, she begins to have misgivings. As troops begin bearing down on their town, Leah clings to whatever faith she can muster in these uncertain times--when no man or woman is safe from the terrors of war.

Some photos of Fredericksburg

Chatham Manor (known as the Lacy House during the war) where Seth disappears

The town of Fredericksburg from the manor grounds

You can purchase the book here.

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