Monday, January 18, 2010

Dog Training for Writers 101

I have a new bluetick coonhound adopted from the Charlottesville SPCA two weeks ago that I am currently training. I went ahead and took a chance on an infomercial about dog training and purchased the kit. So far it has been going pretty good. Until today when the leash slipped out of my hand and the dog took off. After chasing and calling she finally returned. And then I found out all the training I'd done was put again to the test as she reverted back to leash pulling and other bad habits.

Okay, so what is the lesson learned in that for me as a writer? Yes, we are going to be challenged as we are being trained in our craft. We are glad for the control of the Holy Spirit as we navigate the waters of writing and other areas of our lives. Alone, we can try and go after it ourselves. And find us lacking in self control and wandering about lost and without purpose or even a home.

God is training us like I am training this dog. He is commanding us, leading us where to go, demanding that we give Him our full devotion as Master of our lives. We can resist. Try to run away. But He has our best interests in mind. The goal of this particular program I am using on my dog is freedom for any kind of leash or lead. Wouldn't it be nice if God is able to trust us in any given situation to stay by His side and not wander away?

So in the midst of training, no matter how taxing, take heart. Listen. Heel. Obey. And you will then find our Great God giving you freedoms you could never begin to imagine!

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