Monday, March 29, 2010

An Illustration of Easter

It is Easter week. A time of reflection A time of thankfulness. A time for praise. A time for prayer. A time to thank God for what happened long ago, and for what the ultimate sacrifice did to draw me unto Him.

I had the opportunity this past weekend to see my husband in a play called "Song of Mark." During the intermission I was looking over the bios of the actors and actresses and was drawn to one bio in particular. It was an actress who had gone through major tragedy in her life. She had suffered the loss of an infant daughter to a tragic circumstance. If that were not terrible enough, she'd undergone cancer to her throat of which they told her she'd never sing again, nor were they certain she'd live. She'd lost all her hair. She was bitter about life.

And here she was many years later, singing in "Song of Mark" with her own solo, asking "Jesus" to come heal her daughter even though she doesn't deserve it. I wept when I heard it, thinking of her bio.

Isn't this why Jesus came and bled and died and rose again? This woman illustrated it all. That even with death and tragedy and cancer, He gave her the strength and mercy to rise above it all. To be used by Him in the grand stage of life. And to this day she gives Him all the glory.

What a wonderful example of what Easter is all about.

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