Monday, March 15, 2010

In the Crossroads

I am officially in a crossroad of my life right now. Since returning from my journey on the Appalachian Trail in '07, I have been blessed with five book contracts and the joy of sharing my gift of writing. I have written and published many books. I have participated in numerous book signings, blog and radio interviews. Things were looking up in the publishing world, to be sure. I was even looking at entering the big leagues with a proposal making it twice to a major publisher's committee. Things were looking very good.

But then everything dried up. After this month there are no more contracts. The proposal at the major house fell through unexpectedly. I am looking at several months now with nothing happening. Not that there aren't new books in me or that will come forth eventually. I still have a few proposals in house under consideration. But I am looking at the summer and fall ahead of me and essentially a wide open area. Clearly I am at a crossroad.

I have always wanted to return and hike the Appalachian Trail again. Starting in Maine this time and heading south to Georgia (in '07 I did the opposite). I thought perhaps I might try it in 2011. But with the doors closing in certain areas, especially in writing, I am seeing an open door to perhaps go for it this year instead. Of course that has put me in a bit of a tailspin. And planning. And wondering if this is right. First came my husband, and he seemed on board. I have spoken to my editor and my other book projects in need of editing will fit into the timeframe I would be away. I have the equipment and some money. If my health hangs in there and my parents are all right, it looks possible.

Wow, this is NOT something I had planned to do this year. It makes me think of an old song by Nancy Honeytree that I have been listening to. About being ready to give our hearts to God.
She sings:
"Be ready when you give your life to God,
For He will surely change it,
Just when you thought you had it planned,
He is apt to rearrange it.
But your peace will be unmeasured as His plan unfolds from above,
You'll be glad you gave your life to the Lord of life-changing love.

So this where I am right now. Stay tuned as this plan continues to unfold before me. And I see which direction I do take.

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