Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What the "Dying" Process reveals

Or rather "dyeing" as the case may be with these Easter eggs that my mother and dyed pretty colors for the holiday season. Dipping them and fashioning them, we had no idea that a symbol would emerge from the chemical process. What do you see on the lavender colored egg? A perfect heart! It was unbelievable and quite revealing. That in our dying processes, when perhaps we are dipped in the vats of trials and tribulations, God is fashioning a heart wholly devoted to Him. I was never more impressed by this then actually witnessing it on an Easter egg adventure this year. And it shows me also that He who began a good work in me, and in you, will complete it to the day of Christ Jesus.

Next week I am pleased to have Laurie Alice Eakes joining me as a guest on my blog. I will then be gone for several weeks as I go off on an adventure, seeking God in His great mountains. But there are surely more stories to be told.

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