Monday, May 3, 2010

Those Times of Refreshment

For the last two weeks I had the opportunity to hike along my favorite footpath - the Appalachian Trail, in southern Virginia. This picture was taken in the early morning when the dew was still wet on the grass and even frosted white in some places. What a great opportunity to spend a bit of time in God's creation, becoming refreshed and rejuvenated for whatever lies ahead. I must admit the past few weeks have been rather jarring to my spirit as well as my writing. And like Jesus did when He also ventured to the mountains to seek God and pray, so I enjoyed the time away. Sometimes it's good to take time off from the computer, the news, the hustle and bustle of life to spend time with God. Maybe you can share as well what ways of refreshment you have sought out, especially when the paths of life take you to unpredictable places and your soul begs to be refreshed.

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