Monday, March 28, 2011

Under the Weight of It

Okay, so I am not holding up the literal weight of this rock. You might call it instead a tight place. I am on a hike I took with my husband last week. We had to negotiate rocky areas and obstacles to climb an impressive mountain in the Blue Ridge called Old Rag. It also proved a unique illustration of what can go on in our lives. Maybe the crushing weight of rejection or a deadline in writing, or some other trial in our lives is affecting us. We try to hold the weight of it back or make it through in our own strength and find it too heavy and burdensome.

But do you see behind the rock a glimmer of light? An opening one can use to crawl underneath the rock and to a blessed area of relief and freedom as we make our way to the summit? So it was on this hike when I had to lower myself beneath the weight and size of this boulder, scooting underneath it to find a way out. God is faithful to provide ways out of heavy obstacles blocking our way. To help us out from underneath weighty things that come across our path. That is, if we will stop and look for the open door on the other side. To find that shining light to guide and direct us.

Maybe you are in a similar place in your life. Or with your writing, feeling the weight of rejection or writer's block or some other glaring obstacle seeking to block your pathway to glory. Stop and look for the light behind the weight and follow it. Then see your path made clear.

NEXT WEEK I will be joined by talented, multi published fiction author Vickie McDonough who will guest blog and give away a book! Feel free to learn more about her writing at her website.

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