Monday, June 20, 2011

To Bermuda

Bermuda, Photo courtesy of Bermuda Tourism                                                                                                   

Blissful Writing Thoughts will be taking off for several weeks to tour Bermuda (perfect for writing that romance novel with those interesting pink beaches, huh?) and then visiting family and hiking Vermont's Long Trail in the month of July. I hope to to see you back here in August with my special guest Loree Lough to kick off the next segment of great guests and writing inspiration! And I will be gearing up for my next brand new release - A Quaker Christmas, coming in September, with some interesting blogs about this novella.

Until then, I hope you enjoy your summer. I am always happy to hear about where your travels take you, whether here in US or around the world. So feel free to share!


~Laura Allen Nonemaker said...

Was surprised to see my birthplace featured on this post. I lived there until the age of 18. Paradise!

My reason for investigating your blog was to follow up on your LinkedIn profile description, which included "reviewer." Would this include a review of such as my children's book, Benny's Angel, which just published with Tate Publishing?

Lauralee Bliss said...

Thanks for visiting, Laura. Not sure where Reviewer is in my Linkedin profile as I cannot find it. I have done a few reviews on Goodreads just of books I currently read on the side, but I am by means a professional reviewer. :)