Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 3 of Dragons, Devotions, and Donita K Paul - Writing is Hard Work

All this week, the multi-talented Donita K. Paul is offering devotions and sound wisdom on writing. Day 3 - the hard work of writing.  Besides her talents in writing, Donita also makes lovely jewelry called The Dragon Lady Shoppe. Check out the wonderful work she has done. 

ALSO ongoing all this week - a great giveaway for THREE of Donita's books, all different and all sure to please!  Stay tuned at the end for details! 

"Every writer I know has trouble writing."  
                                       - Joseph Heller (an American satirical  novelist, short story writer and playwright. His best know work is Catch-22).

When an author claims he sat down and the words flowed out of his mind, through his fingertips, to keyboard, and to print, he’s lying. Or misrepresenting the truth. Or conveniently forgetting the pacing, pulling of hair, and kicking of cabinets.

Good writing requires hard work. If a section flows easily, the subconscious has been working on the scene during long walks, washing dishes, standing in checkout lines, and weeding the flowerbed. Writers not only work while sitting at the computer but all day long with every observation they make. Impressions are collected: the smell of cloves, a toddler’s tantrum, drums beating, and a burnt finger. When it comes time to integrate scene, character, and conflict, the author might as well admit it’s a job, not a recreational activity.  

All this week, leave a comment and your e-mail address for a chance to win one of three great books by Donita! You may comment each day if you wish about the devotion, but your name goes in once.
1.  The Vanishing Sculptor (a fantasy novel)
2.  Dragon and Turtle Go on Safari (children's picture book)
3.  CHANGE - Donita is offering instead "To See His Way" (Heartsong Presents historical romance)

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Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for the chance to win this. This is a great giveaway. I would love to win these. Thanks again.


Leann Austin said...

Writing is hard work. Once I learned that it wasn't all inspiration, I was able to get about the business of writing. Great Post!

I'd love to be entered into your book giveaway drawing.

usleann at hotmail dot com

A J Hawke said...

What a deal! Three Donita K Paul books!
Please enter me.

A J Hawke
ajhawkeauthor at aol dot com

Debbie said...

Three Donita books! My middle school students and I would LOVE that! Here's my addy and thx for offering such a great and amazing offer!