Friday, August 19, 2011

Final Day of Dragons, Devotions, and Donita K Paul - "Keep the Pages Turning..."

This is the final day with Donita K. Paul as she encourages authors to give our audiences writing that keeps readers turning the pages! 

Donita has done just that, with her very popular Dragonkeeper Chronicles

Stay tuned at the end for her brand new release in the Chiril Chronicles, coming in October, 2011  (you can preorder below)

AND there is still time to enter her wonderful giveaway of THREE books! (ends August 22) 

"Usually, when people get to the end of a chapter, they close the book and go to sleep. I deliberately write my books so when the reader gets to the end of a chapter, he or she must turn one more page. When people tell me I've kept them up all night, I feel like I've succeeded!"  
                                                                               -  Sidney Sheldon (was an Academy Award-winning American writer. His TV works spanned a 20-year period during which he created The Patty Duke Show (1963–66), I Dream of Jeannie (1965–70) and Hart to Hart (1979–84), but he became most famous after he turned 50 and began writing best-selling novels such as Master of the Game (1982), The Other Side of Midnight (1973) and Rage of Angels (1980). He is the sixth best selling writer of all time.)

Yes, yes, yes! This is a sadistic truth common to successful authors. There is not better compliment than for a reader to say she was kept up all night by cliffhangers. Of course, you must also know that writers spend many sleepless nights getting their characters in situations creating great tension and the physical need to see the conflict resolved. That’s writerese for “keep ‘em turning the pages.

 COMING OCTOBER of 2011 in the Chiril Chronicles - Book 3

Ellie is a simple country girl living with her large family. Hungry for adventure, she eagerly accepts an invitation to attend the royal wedding in Chiril’s bustling capital. En route, Ellie is separated from her traveling party. She finds herself lost in an enchanted city made by giants. Unable to leave, her only companions are the wild children, who roam the streets, and Bealomondore, the handsome artist and recently distinguished war hero. Ellie and Bealomondore must solve the mystery of the city and it’s children in order to break the enchantment and escape the invisible walls which imprison them. Throughout their quest, they learn about obedience, redemption, and love.

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All this week (until August 22) leave a comment and your e-mail address for a chance to win one of three great books by Donita! You may comment each day if you wish about the devotion, but your name goes in once.
1.  The Vanishing Sculptor (a fantasy novel, see the cover for it above)
2.  Dragon and Turtle Go on Safari (children's picture book)
3.  To See His Way (Heartsong Presents historical romance)



Krysti said...

The new Dragons of the Watch sounds really awesome, Donita! :D I'll be looking for it in stores near me--

Donita K. Paul said...

Hi, Krysti,
I hope Maria had a good week at school, with each day getting better.

Donita K. Paul said...

Wow, our week is up! please come by and look at the jewelry. www.donitakpaul/treasure Many of the comments we get there are SPAM! It would be nice to hear from real people. I almost have my e-book ready to put up on Kindle and the rest. It has been a busy week and I woke up singing this morning. I love it when that happens.

Rhonda Tenderholt said...

Thank you Lauralee for a chance to win the new Chronicles from Donita K. Paul.

Rhonda S. Tenderholt

Jen's Journey said...

I admit I have yet to read one of Donita's books, but this intrigues me. I haven't been one to open a book with mystical creatures like son loves this type of reading. I would love to have at least one of Donita's books for to expand my horizons as well as my son's.