Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Job is a Journey

My journey in the work force is my writing. Long ago I did get a nursing degree and practiced for several years, but I always had a desire to write. I found that journey well on its way with my first published novel, Mountaintop

But like most journeys, I had to plan and prepare. And one of the greatest things I did to help me plan is go to a writers' conference. You may be in certain work areas that require you to attend workshops, in-services and the like. I did as a nurse, and it gave me a more well-rounded approach to my work and what I intended to do. Best of all, I met with others who were like minded and could rattle off ideas and share experiences. I found these times to be the most valuable at conferences, like at a writers' conference. I could share in the trials of my fellow writers when perhaps a book pitch to an editor did not go quite as planned or their triumphs when a query was accepted. 
With fellow author Diane Brandmeyer at ACFW 2009

I take in information much like a student with my notebook in hand, jotting down ideas about writing from editors and writers or how to take publication and communication to a whole new level via the Internet.  In these challenging economic times, it does good to find out all you can about your work field. To be involved as much as possible using the tools that are available. I discovered what a great tool the Internet is to connect with others. Of course like everything else, moderation is the key. You can spend your entire day online. But with your particular field of interest, you can blog (like I am now through blogspot or wordpress) share passions and dreams with others I may never meet (via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks), learn about my field, share in the disappointments and the triumphs.

I love the written word, but writing that word so that I can connect with others makes it all the more meaningful to the journey.

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