Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall is a Time For…

Fall, fall. Falling leaves. Leaves in brilliant color. Mountainsides covered like a patchwork quilt in differing shades of orange, red and gold. 

When think of fall I think of the following – 

September 1 kicks it off – and my only son’s birth day back in 1990! This year it’s the big 21.

Hiking! There are so many lovely trails here in my state of Virginia to go on a short or long hike and see the beauty of the colors in the mountains, watch the leaves float on cool mountain streams, kick up acorns and leaves as they fall from above (and sometimes with a loud plunk like tiny missiles in midair and praying none hit you atop the head). I also like to take a few days and do a short backpacking trip. Crisp air, lovely scenery, and times of reflection in God’s great earth.

Raking – hey, remember those great leaf piles? Growing up we had huge piles of leaves from raking our massive front lawn and JUMP – into the pile we went, cushioned by the fall with mounds of leaves in pretty colors (maple leaves are the prettiest). I also liked leaf raking as a youngster, as I made my money for Christmas gifts by helping rake the front lawn and cleaning out “tree wells” ( wells my dad dug around each of our oak and birch trees. I never really understood why he did that, to be honest. And as I five year old I accidentally did a back flip into one of them and have a scar on my chin to this day).

Apples, apples everywhere. We enjoy going to the Graves Mountain apple festival here in Virginia to see apple butter being made, taste yummy doughnuts made with the apple butter, cruise the craft booths and then stop by the apple booth to buy a bushel of apples. And from that bushel comes apple pie, apple butter (the link is the recipe I have made in my slow cooker and love it, though I do use less sugar than called for) and homemade applesauce!

And wow, seeing how quickly stores start stocking shelves with Christmas items. Yes, I am seeing the decorations already, and its only October 10th. Even saw my first winter –type commercial with the elfish-looking children in a winter wonderland looking for Puff tissue to wipe their noses. 

Can winter really be coming?
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