Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Journey from Pain to Thankfulness

Today as part of the release gathering for Red Rock Weddings, I am so blessed and honored to welcome Mary Kessler. She is the mother-in-law of my sister and a woman who has been through an incredible journey after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She helped me tremendously in my research for the third book in the collection, "Wasatch Love" where the hero deals with his sister ill from leukemia and in need of a bone marrow transplant.

I am grateful to Mary for all her help. She has agreed to be a guest today and share her story of courage amid adversity with you.

A few days after my husband of 42 years passed away from brain cancer, my family doctor called me to tell me that I had multiple myeloma (MM). At first I thought she was calling to express her condolences at Fred’s passing. Which is something she would do.

MM is a treatable but non curable cancer of the bone marrow. It affects (primarily) your blood, bones, and kidneys. Seems my orthopedic surgeon neglected to inform me that I had MM after my hip replacement surgery five years earlier. My family doctor found out about my condition circuitously. This delayed treatment, which caused more bone damage (read – ongoing pain) than necessary. The only thing I was grateful for at the time is that Fred did not know I was sick.

After two bone marrow transplants, I am now in remission. I have a compressed and fractured L4 vertebrae which causes (strangely enough) constant leg pain. I have to sleep in a chair, and I had to start using a walker at 63 years of age. To try and stay in remission as long as possible, I take a chemo pill every day. It causes low blood counts, fatigue, and gastrointestinal problems but no hair loss. But I am grateful the treatment exists and that insurance pays most of the $11,000 a month the pills cost.  

But, all in all I am pretty happy. I thank God every morning that my pain pills work and try to enjoy the day. Then in the evening I thank God for the nice day. And the times when it seems too much, I just ask God to lift the burden from my shoulders.

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