Sunday, October 23, 2011

Welcome to the Release Party for Red Rock Weddings!

SO glad you are here to join the party. It's going to be fun!

I am pleased to introduce the brand new release of my three-in-one collection 
Red Rock Weddings. In this book are three different and unique stories with life decisions affecting the characters set in the backdrop of scenic areas within the state of Utah. Also, look below for how to enter the various contests that will be featured this week, including an Amazon gift card giveaway!

Stories featured in Red Rock Weddings

Book 1 Love's Winding Path

Red rocks. River rafting. Freedom! Maybe...or maybe not.
Life as a river guide in Utah is far from peanut farming in Virginia, and Dan revels in the newness of this life. An awesome job, a cool car, a place of his own - and a gorgeous girl. But Jo has no intention of dating Dan. He's just a bit too sure of himself, and he shows no interest in God. When life in Moab takes some unexpected twists, Dan must face who he really is. Maybe the God stuff is true. But will he let go and believe, or continue to tough it out alone?

Book 2  Heart of Mine

Anson has no idea what's coming when he bumps into a pretty brunette on the canyon walk. But when she acts like she's seen a ghost-and then interrogates him as if she thinks he is one-his heart is drawn to her. Like her, he has also suffered loss. But the past affects the present and the future. And for Anson and Marissa, a real ghost of the past might suddenly be emerging. When all is revealed, will they find their faith faltering and the past keeping them apart?

Book 3 Wasatch Love

From the outside, Brenda Stewart has it all. A rich, influential father. Friends in high places. Men clamoring for her attention. But inside, Brenda is miserable. Her father is overbearing, her friends are fickle, and the men want her money and the prestige it brings. Like Jim Ensley. But Jim has his own problems. And fears. If he can't get that vice president's spot, all may be lost, personally and professionally. A night of indiscretion and Brenda's subsequent escape into the Wasatch Mountains causes havoc that Brenda and Jim could never have imagined. And where does God fit in?

Book Giveaways -

All this week during the release party there will be special contest for book giveaways. Check back each day to find out what will be given away and how to enter.  You never know!

Amazon Gift Card Rules -

Each day on the blog there will be a photo from Utah featured as part of the ongoing Utah Photo Contest. Each day, take a look at the photo displayed and follow the instruction for that day. Keep track of your responses. There will be a total of five different photos, one for each day. (DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS HERE IN COMMENTS or on any of the blogs. If you do your answer will be deleted and your response that day will be disqualified). After Friday, October 28th - through Saturday, October 29th, e-mail your five answers to me at: blissful63(at)gmail(dot)com. From the most correct responses in the photo contest, I will select one winner of the Amazon Gift card!

PHOTO # 1 in the Utah Photo Contest - Name the national park in Utah where this famous feature is located.

**IMPORTANT  - DO NOT post your answer here in the comments! **Keep track of your answers for each day and e-mail them to me from Friday October 28th to Saturday October 29th as stated above. There will be a total of five photos in all in the Utah Photo Contest.  

Have fun and be sure to pick up a copy of Red Rock Weddings!

Tomorrow's guest (10/25) will be my wonderful editor of Red Rock Weddings, Marjorie Vawter. Sure to be a book giveaway on that day!! And Picture #2 for the Utah Photo Contest!

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