Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guest blogger Preslaysa Williams and "Writing My Life"

Blissful Life Journey welcomes guest Preslaysa Williams on the importance of journaling your life's journey. She is also offering a giveaway! See below for details on how to enter!

"Writing My Life"

Since becoming a mother…or maybe since hitting the big 3-0, I’ve been pondering death. Not in a morbid way but in an “Oh my gosh, I’m getting older and before I know it my body will hit the dirt, my spirit will rest in Jesus and sometime after that I’ll stand before God to give an account for what I’ve done with the time He’s allotted me” way.

I can be intense sometimes.

To deal with my not quite mid-life crisis, I’ve started to track my life. I take pictures. I recorded my daily activity in journals: foods I eat, times I exercise, pages I write, prayers I send up to God. Journaling allows me to get all of that mental intensity out of my brain and onto the page. However, after a few months, journaling became too cumbersome and disorganized. My entries were written in multiple notebooks and scattered throughout my house. Journaling became messy, and I eventually stopped.

So after accepting the fact I’m a left brained, creative person (go figure), I started searching for a simple way to journal. Now, I keep one journal (not five!) and it records my daily prayers and Bible reading, a simple daily ‘to do’ list and my goals for the year. I found a way to systemically keep track of all this life that passes through my fingers via seconds, minutes, hours, and days. The fact that it’s a blank journal is key. I can divide it in whatever way I want.
You can do this too. Never underestimate the power of a blank notebook. In it, you can record your life in all of its beautiful intricacies. And because it’s your journal, you can make it into anything you want…

Question for You: How do you record your sojourning on this earth?

Fun Giveaway: One lucky blog commenter will win a brand new Moleskine journal. Winner announced on February 1st. Please leave your comment where it says "Post a Comment."

Preslaysa Williams is a wife, mom and writer. When she’s not rebooting the laundry or chasing around her toddler, you can find her typing away on her laptop. Visit her online where she blogs three times a week about her three favorite things: Faith, Family and Fiction.


Judy said...

I too journal. I have been lax about it lately. I started great guns on January 1st determined this year I'd write in it every day. I've already missed several days this year so I'm not doing that well. It's interesting and enlightening though to look back over my years of journaling regardless if it wasn't every day!

I did a separate prayer journal when my husband was dying of a brain tumor. When I read back through it I am amazed at the pain I was experiencing and oh so many entries of begging God to heal him. God chose to heal him by taking him to Heaven.

Judy B

Preslaysa said...

Hi Judy,

I've skipped days of journaling too! I wouldn't worry about it though. Just as long as you come back to it when you can.

That's wonderful to hear of how God helped you through your husband's illness. He can use our writing to help us through those rough patches in life.

God bless!


Joy said...

I have an online journal (my blog) and I also keep a prayer journal. Lately though, I haven't been doing too well at keeping up with either. It is taking me a while to adjust back from the holidays. I do like to try and keep track of all the blessings that God has given my family and I. The good and the bad. I do love to write, I just need to make sure I make time for it.

Cynthia A. Lovely said...

Thanks for the reminder on the importance of journaling. I haven't done it in awhile and I do miss it, especially recording those special moments of writing success - to review when too many rejections float in!

Aly Logan said...

I loved this post. I'm an all-in-one journaler, too. Nothing has truly happened in my life until it is written in my journal. Mostly, it's one long rambling prayer interspersed with Scripture that has touched me, sermons I've heard, etc.


NB said...

I have been journaling every morning for five or six years now. My journals are filled with thoughts, questions, mundane observations, prayers and seeds of many, many stories. Writing in my journal is a form of rest.

bnetts said...

I am trying in earnest to journal on my iPad. It is always with me. I miss the blank notebook because it makes me doodle.

Carrie Pagels said...

Thanks for this post! Preslaysa is such a doll! I have lots of journals so do not enter me in the contest. I especially enjoy prayer journals. My two CPers sent me mini journals at Christmas, both beautiful, and I am writing prayers in those for each of them. Blessing!

Lauralee Bliss said...

Winner!! Bnetts is the winner of the moleskin journal. Please e-mail me your address so I can forward it to Preslaysa.

Thanks for visiting!