Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning, Oh, the Joy of Life!

It’s that time of year. Winter is over—though here in Virginia, we wonder if it ever really arrived. Temperatures have warmed up quite a bit; in fact the frequent seventies are reminiscent of summer’s early arrival. And that brings to mind spring cleaning.

My husband has already launched in by doing a major work in our basement. Since our son moved out and is on his own, the area was still inundated with toys, games, and other reminders of childhood now long passed. He cleaned the area out and boxed up what might be good for grandkids one day and tossed out the rest.  To the curbside for pick-up went an old storage unit, bags of broken toys and other objects. The area looks beautiful now and quite livable, I must say.

Now I am tackling the outside. New vegetation is already emerging. I take away lots of leaves once used to shield the ground from snows that hardly even came this year. 

 I also dug up the ground to plant new seeds for a vegetable garden. We already have radishes, spinach and peas showing, the common fruits of springtime since they can withstand frost if it appears again. By late April we will turn to planting the hot weather crop of tomatoes, cucumbers and squashes.

Spring is also a time of new life for a Christian when we celebrate Easter and life when there was death. Just as winter seems so drab and barren, life quickly springs forth under warmth and light. Just as Jesus emerged from the grave in the newness of life, so we too can share in that same joy of the resurrection. 

What was once old and dirty, filled with debris and garbage, can be made whole again with God’s thorough cleaning.

Spring. A time for cleaning house. A time for renewed life in our hearts.

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