Friday, December 12, 2014

One of the Joys of Authorship

There it is again.  A big huge box being delivered to my front door. Normally the boxes belong to my husband to does school fundraisers and is inevitably filled with brochures, prizes for kids, etc.

But this time it has my name on it.

It is a box of books. My author copies for The Lady's Rescuer have arrived!

With books like those I receive in the mail, I can make up promotion packets for bookstores, reviewers, etc. That consists of a nice folder, usually with a small area for a business card (I get my cards made up at Vistaprint, along with regular postcards with the book info on them - easy to pass out! I get the folders at an office store like Staples). Inside the folder will go a press release, an author bio with a picture, and a buyer's sheet.

The books I also use as a promo to interested readers for their blogs, giveaways etc. Goodreads runs giveaways. But I think the best way to use the books is to try and garner as many reviews as possible, and positive reviews at that. I know I am swayed as a buyer with good reviews of books. It's a great way for added advertising with minimal effort.

But honestly, I like seeing the books arrive just to know that maybe, just maybe, it will affect a reader in a positive way, whether by learning a bit of history or by the spiritual insights shared. That to me is the ultimate joy of authorship.

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