Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Bad and the Good – Stay Focused

2014 is ending in a bit of a physical challenge for me as I have been dealing with severe neck pain, cause unknown. But I think back to the year and realize there has been good times and sad times. This year saw some accomplishments for me, accomplishing several hiking goals, finding my Appalachian Trail adventure landing in several prestigious venues like the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Also, my novel set in the Outer Banks and honoring the lifesaving stations The Lady’s Rescuer will be out in January for the New Year. But sadly the publishing line for this book, Heartsong Presents, will close as of June, 2015 (I’ve had many books published this line, including my first one). So I will be on the lookout for other opportunities for my writing in 2015. Stay tuned.

This past year saw me lose several loved ones in my family including my aunt Charlotte and a lady from our church who was like a mother to me, Ceil. We also saw a joyous celebration at the marriage of my son Joshua to his bride Veronica. And with that, we gained a thirteen year old granddaughter!
We lost this sweet lady to heaven this year
This year saw me quite busy on the Appalachian Trail ridgerunning, and also with an extra month. Between that and writing a full length novel, it was a busy summer. But we took out a few weeks to enjoy some late vacations, including a cruise to the western Caribbean aboard the luxurious Celebrity
Dancing with a dolphin!
Silhouette and then a nice week in the Outer Banks for Christmas.

Oh, I always wonder what a new year will hold. I do hope the neck pain goes away as I hate to begin a new year in pain! But with pain comes growth, and with growth comes new opportunities. So that’s good.

Hope your have a wonderful New Year.

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