Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I Refuse a Boring Life

...Yes, so I am back. And life has NOT been boring while I've been away from here, to say the least....

I've had many adventures since last we spoke - both as a lover of our beautiful word and a lover of the written word!

I hiked 300 miles SOLO last fall through the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia along the Allegheny Trail. See my trail journal for the adventure. It was something else.

I work out in Shenandoah National Park summers along the Appalachian Trail - helping hikers, picking up trash, and communing with bears and such. It's called ridgerunning. So what is that exactly? My boss says it best in his blog On A Blissful Patrol after following me last summer.

I am blitzing Pennsylvania with eight talks at various libraries around the state about my nonfiction book - Mountains, Madness, Miracles - 4,000 Miles Along the Appalachian Trail. I will share stories and pictures from my adventures. Stay tuned for the fall schedule!

I have written several book proposals that are currently being considered by publishers (one based on my love for Shenandoah) and have two novellas coming, a Christmas one for 2016 in A Plain And Sweet Christmas and in 2017 - Love in the Crossfire based on the events during the Battle of Trenton.

AND I will be in attendance at the ACFW conference in Nashville, TN in August dressed in Revolutionary War attire in honor of my release for 2017! Stay tuned for updates from that event.

My books are available to read both in print and electronic. Check out all the selection of titles at Amazon both fiction and nonfiction!

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