Friday, September 2, 2016

The City of Country Music to the Ozarks to a Book Release - wow

These last days have been busy – with a writing conference in Nashville, a trip to Arkansas to see family and then back home to begin sorting out my writing career and plan for my multi library book tour in PA this fall. And in the midst of this, celebrating the release of a collection that features my novella – “A Crossroad to Love”.

Meeting friends
The annual American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW)Conference is always a well-run machine to re-energize one’s writing career by kibitzing with authors, attending workshops, and trying out ideas and projects with editors. This year’s event in Nashville was no different. Besides the business part, there is also some fun too, like dressing up as my Revolutionary War character to be featured in the next collection I am proud to be a part of, Second Chance Brides
Some genre character dressing fun

– as well as ditching the conference wear to dress up, eat lots of steak and fancy desserts, and watch authors win awards at the Gala.

The highlight for me was inspiration from well-known author Ted Dekker who advocated transformation and making sure we are changed along with
Author Ted Dekker

Wow fancy dessert awaits

the stories we create. Allen Arnold’s insightful workshop brought me to a closer walk with God in everything, and to trust Him with whatever a writing career brings – whether a bestselling novel or an unpublished manuscript that remains hidden in my computer. Either way, the way of a writer is a continual communion with God.

My travels then took me to Arkansas to visit my son for an early birthday, including a trip to Mount Magazine State Park – and Arkansas’ tallest peak – of which we saw the beauty of the Ozarks up close and personal along with scenic vistas and even sighting a roadrunner (Beep Beep!).  I think we were both truly impressed with what this state has to offer, and I was interested also that it does have a long distance trail with shelters that I one day MUST explore.

Onward to drive nearly 1000 miles homeward to begin collecting my thoughts after a whirlwind trip, to celebrate the release of A Plain and Sweet Christmas and prepare for my fall book tour in Pennsylvania that begins September 9.

There is NEVER a dull moment!

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