Friday, August 18, 2017

Research Means Fun Exploring!

I had great fun and interest researching my latest novella "Love in the Crossfire" as part of the Second Chance Brides series. My travels in research brought me to Washington Crossing Park in upper Pennsylvania where Washington coordinated the Continental Army to cross the river on Christmas night, in freezing rain no less, in the hope of catching a Hessian garrison unaware. It was a daring move, and it paid off. My novella centers around this crucial moment in history, and I wanted a feel for the area and the river where this exciting event took place.

The river that Washington crossed on his way to Trenton, New Jersey 

The historic park featured a museum, several outdoor exhibits including replicas of the boats used, and the house at McConkey's ferry where officers met to plan the crossing. 

A modern day crossing via the bridge
Afterward, I took my own stroll over the bridge to New Jersey.

The visit helped me visualize the area and add better authenticity to my retelling of historic events in the novella.

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