Monday, April 28, 2008

Marketing Yourself

I had the chance to speak the other night about my Appalachian Trail hike. And of course I got the great idea, hey, why not sell some books also? While I do not as yet have a book about the trail out there, I do have plenty of my romance titles, and some that take place here in Virginia. So I went ahead and set them out. Didn't sell a whole bunch, but the editor of the local newspaper is interested in my work and really wants to help me spread the word to the community. In fact, when she interviewed me for a newspaper article, she also went ahead and interviewed me about my writing.

The point is, you don't have to talk just about writing to have an avenue for your books. You can talk about the other gifts and talents God has given and use them as an outlet for marketing your work. There are lots of writers but not too many who have done the Appalachian Trail. So I am finding it an effective way to spread the word that hey, I am also a Christian romance author!

What talents to do you possess that perhaps God wishes to use as an avenue to spread the word that you're a writer? Feel free to share. And even if you have yet to accomplish that talent, just be patient. I waited thirty years to fulfill mine. And now God is using it in ways I never dreamed.

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