Monday, September 1, 2008

Storms During Political Parties

Ah, the storms of life. Today the Gulf Coast got hit by Hurricane Gustav, and next weekend we might be feeling the effects of Hurricane Hanna here in my neck of the woods. But although the storms are angry, black, unpredictable, and fierce, God is still in control.

I know how upset I felt at the storm coming right on the heels of the Republican National Convention. I mean the Democrats had their convention and without a hitch, it seemed. Great weather. Fireworks and all the hoopla. And end to end media coverage, which I watched in the evening. Now the other party must contend with a hurricane. In fact, several hurricanes. There are no big speeches. No party atmosphere. No media coverage. On outside, it all looks real unfair. Even critics were joking about the hurricane - well, I guess we see whose side God is on.

Hey, but God talks about storms. How He is a refuge in the midst of them. He calms them. He is a shelter. And maybe the Republican Party, like all of us, including me, can take wisdom in this. It's easy to have a party atmosphere when the sun is out and the skies are blue. But it matters more that you can rejoice and find hope in God's ultimate wisdom when the clouds are black and the wind is fierce. That you put your faith in action to believe that all things work together for good. That nothing escapes His eye, and that He makes no mistakes.

So I think the Republicans will have their party, as did the Democrats. It certainly won't be the same, but that's okay. Why not make a distinction between the two conventions, after all? Isn't that what politics are all about - to see the differences between the parties and the candidates? And to see who comes out the richer in wisdom and strength for the real party they threw.

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Robin Bayne said...

It might have been condensed, but I think the Republicans did okay with their convention. Go Sarah!