Tuesday, August 7, 2018

California Burning - One Family Caught in It

California is burning up. And I just read today that a California mall is refusing billboard displays for a Christian outreach because of "Complaints." Do they not know that is it only God that can change California and bring it back to life? That He is the One Who can deliver from the deadly pestilence?

The fires have hurt so many and changed lives. Some friends I knew personally were caught up in it. I want to share a poignant message they have learned from their ordeal - when they had to quickly evacuate, not knowing if the flames would roar into Redding. It was a terrifying time for them. This is their update and reflection -

"Our house is SAFE. Our “stuff” is safe, even though when the fire started moving, we knew our little family was all that mattered. We were safe. Our friends were safe. What else did I need when faced with that kind of situation?

Now that the fire is moving away from Redding, we will head back soon. The air quality is really bad up there and some people are still not allowed back to their homes and others have to find new homes. It’s hard. Please keep praying for Redding and pray the fire dies out completely and no other people and homes are affected. Pray for CALIFORNIA as much of our state is ablaze right now.

As I’m contemplating going back, I’ve felt the relief of having my “stuff” back. I’m grateful. There’s a joy and a grief because so many others had to move forward without their things. I also feel so incredibly grateful for the gifts God has given me through this. I’ve had more time with my extended family than I’ve had in years. I spent the entire day with my nephews and niece yesterday and felt the special opportunity I was given to connect with these amazing kids. My brother and his family have housed us, fed us, spent late nights talking and early mornings making coffee. I feel so blessed and filled with love. God has truly comforted us through this strange and fierce tragedy.

I will be headed home soon and I’ll start the conversations in the car with my kids. Redding will look different. Smoke. Ash. Pain. Heartbreak. Survival. Courage. Fortitude. Perseverance. We will all be making decisions about our future and the future of the town. I pray God’s peace over our county and all its families."

Now is the time to pray for these families, some who have suffered great loss, others dealing with the terrible smoke or other affects. And pray for California, for the hardness of hearts to turn to flesh, for the mall refusing to post Christian ads, the time to seek God is now. 

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