Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Celebrate the Healing of a Nation with a New Release

Welcome to my new release – The Belle of the Congaree, one of seven novellas in The Southern Belle Brides Collection where seven sweet and sassy ladies of yesterday experience romance in the southern states.

I chose to set my novella in the post-Civil War Reconstruction period in South Carolina. At times I feel we are still reconstructing this land, some 150 years later. Brother is still pitted against brother for rights they wish to protect. We fight the same war, never content, always trying to outwit the other, never seeking true freedom and peace found in our Lord, the Prince of Peace.

With this conflict that still rages today, I set my novella in another war-torn period to show God’s hand in bringing together opposing sides for goodwill and for peace. It is not through selfish means but selfless ideals of helping each other that will win the day. Of understanding and listening and offering assistance. Of loving our neighbor as ourselves, even if they may be an enemy. (see Luke 10: 25-37 and the parable of the Good Samaritan)

I hope you will celebrate the idea of healing and a true Union of people and pick up a copy of The Southern Belle Brides Collection. Be a part of knitting together a nation through God’s love and the love we should have for our neighbor, no matter the color, nationality, or differences.

 Novella Blurb:

In The Belle of the Congaree, Mason Bassinger reluctantly travels to war-torn South Carolina, seeking lands his carpetbagger brother can buy. Elisa Anderson barely survives after her family’s plantation is destroyed. She welcomes visits by the handsome and wealthy Mason, who makes the cottage by the Congaree feel like a home. But when Mason’s true purpose is revealed, will her heart be broken by betrayal?

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